Digital technology training

In partnership with Digital Communities Wales we welcome you to a training session to help people living with a neurological condition to use digital technology.

5 steps to mental wellbeing

3rd February,


We have had to adapt our daily routines to meet the needs of lockdown restrictions and the challenges this has presented. The way you support your own health and well-being or that of others may have also changed. Within this free, 1-hour long webinar, Digital Communities Wales will overview several digital options for supporting the health and wellbeing of yourself or someone you know. We will provide you with an overview of digital options you may wish to explore and relate our summary to the NHS’s Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing guidance.


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Using sensory apps

3rd March,


Do you struggle to sleep? Or maybe you find it hard to unwind? Sensory apps are a great way for you to relax and shut off from the world. During this hour long session we’ll be discussing a variety of different sensory apps that you can get on your device, to promote mindfulness, relaxation and becoming a better version of yourself.


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Digital storytelling

21st April,


There are many incredible uses for digital technology and a favourite of ours at Digital Communities Wales is the wonderful and wholesome Digital Storytelling capabilities that we are able to achieve by simply using our smartphones.

Digital Storytelling allows users to create short videos on our devices: from a trip down memory lane through to creating useful instructions for someone. During this session we will demonstrate how you may utilise these apps to upload images from your home or the web and combine them with narration or written text and music to create powerful, short video clips. This free webinar will last from approximately 1 hour, as we guide you on your journey to tell a story through the application of Digital Technology.


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