Welsh Association of ME and CFS Support (WAMES)

The June 2010 meeting of the Alliance Executive Committee received a presentation from Jan Russell of WAMES. The presentation focussed on the main issues of concern for WAMES regarding services for people with ME; the current political and statutory Health and Social Care stance towards ME; the actions taken by WAMES to influence the previous points; thoughts on how the Alliance could support WAMES without compromising its collective and equitable responsibility to all member organisations. In its response, the Alliance acknowledged WAMES as a bona fide member as a neurological charity interested in furthering the work of the Alliance. Whilst the Alliance is unable to campaign or influence on any condition specific issues, member organisations can state that they are members of the Alliance and use its logo, with permission, on member organisation documentation if the content of that documentation is not in conflict with Alliance objectives. The Alliance conceded that it could improve its information sharing and looked to the website and revamped newsletter to assist this. In agreeing that improved diagnosis would help all people with a neurological condition the Alliance believes that implementing the recommendations of the Neuroscience Review would improve diagnosis and it is a priority for the WNA to campaign for the delivery of these recommendations. In concluding that people living with ME will inevitably miss out on some of the benefits of the influencing work of the Alliance without recognition of ME as a neurological condition it saw this as a role for WAMES rather than the Alliance.