Patient Priorities for Neuroscience Service Development in North, Mid & South Wales

The North Wales Report was collated from reports identified to the WNA by member organisations, a questionnaire, and from issues raised at four discussion days held by the Alliance, in partnership with the Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery NHS Trust, during 2007-08. 5 key issues were identified as requiring priority measures for implementation across North Wales to improve quality of life for people with neurological conditions. Specialist Nurses Rehabilitation Multi-Disciplinary Teams Training Information Many other issues of importance were also identified and require consideration in the equitable planning and delivery of services across North Wales. Many of the issues identified by people with a neurological condition and their carers are also recognised by Health and Social Care Professionals. The Alliance identified the need for a North Wales Professional Neurological Network to act as a forum for discussing these issues from a professional perspective. An inaugural meeting of a professional working group was held in January 2009 to progress this initiative. The Alliance also undertook a questionnaire survey of individuals living with neurological conditions in Mid & South Wales in spring 2009. Questionnaires were distributed by Alliance members and 430 responses were received. Published in August 2009, the report, drawn from the analysis of the responses, identified 9 key issues listing a series of recommendations for each one. It also extracted 5 priority proposals from within the recommendations addressing the same issues as North Wales but saw Aids/Adaptations as a more pressing priority than Multi-Disciplinary Teams. The report was forwarded to Dr Axford as Chair of the M&SWIB and contributed to the thinking of the Board in preparing its report and recommendations.