Clinical Pathways Project

From 2006 to 2011 the Clinical Pathways Project has been focussed around ‘Map of Medicine’, a knowledge tool for clinical decision making across NHS Wales, supporting its implementation, evaluating the benefits and business need for a clinical pathways tool. National Licence for Map of Medicine The national licence for the online clinical pathways and knowledge resource tool, Map of Medicine, has expired at the end of March 2011. In reaching this decision, the previous Minister for Health and Social Services has recognised that some Health Boards and national clinical groups have put considerable effort into customising specific pathways (maps) for local usage. NWIS has also ensured that the expiry of the national contract does not preclude LHBs and Trusts from entering into local contracts with the supplier to maintain their access and ability to localise and customise their maps if they choose to do so. This decision should not be interpreted as a departure from the Minister’s general commitment towards care pathways as the most effective means of maximising clinical outcomes for patients and service users. NWIS will continue to work closely with clinicians and patients to commission and develop new and existing pathways. For further information about the future of clinical pathways across NHS Wales, please contact