Carers Strategies (Wales) Measure 2010

This Measure was introduced on 25 January 2010 by the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services. It was passed by the National Assembly for Wales on the 21 September 2010 and approved by Her Majesty in Council on 10 November 2010. What is the purpose of the Measure? The Measure places a duty on the NHS and Local Authorities in Wales to work jointly to prepare, publish and implement a joint strategy relating to Carers. The strategy focuses on the provision of information and advice to carers and engagement with them in decisions about the provision of services to them or the person they care for. What are the benefits of the Measure? Unpaid carers presently provide around 70% of care in the community and forecast demographic changes suggest that the pool of potential Carers relative to numbers needing care is likely to decrease over the medium term. Mitigating the effects of demographic changes and trends towards more dispersed families is likely to require a range of measures designed to support Carers in their caring role and help them maintain their own health and well being. How do I find out more information? To view the approved Measure and supporting documentation, visit the National Archives website. For more information on the passage and scrutiny of the Measure in the National Assembly for Wales, visit the National Assembly for Wales website. This Measure was introduced following the passage of a related Legislative Competence Order (LCO), for more information visit the National Assembly for Wales website.