Cross-Party Group for Neurological Conditions 10.07.18 12:00-13:30

Cross-Party Group for Neurological Conditions 10.07.18 12:00-13:30

Cross Party Group on Neurological Conditions

July 10th, The Pierhead Building, National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff Bay

12 – 1:30pm

The Welsh Government’s Neurological Delivery Plan says that all staff involved in managing care for people with neurological conditions should have an appropriate understanding of the condition and its impact on the individual and their family.

These basic principles are needed to make sure that people with neurological conditions have confidence their condition is understood by which ever health or social care service they access.

The Wales Neurological Alliance would like hear from people with neurological conditions about your experiences and what information and support you think health and care professionals need.

If you would like to attend please book your place using Eventbrite

Or email telephone 029 2167 8923

If you need accessible parking please contact Lynne.

We are also hoping that some of your Assembly Members will attend, please send them a personal email or tweet them:

I’m attending the Cross Party Group on neurological Conditions on 10th July at the Pierhead Building 12 – 1:30pm. It would be lovely to see you there to hear about the experiences of people living with neurological conditions.

To find out who your Assembly members are and their contact details go to