The Wales Neurological Alliance is made up of over 35 neurological organisations. These organisations have access to networks which may be able to assist researchers with requests for participation in research.

The Wales Neurological Alliance welcomes requests from researcher to disseminate such requests. This can be done by contacting our Coordinator at,uk.

Wales Neurological Alliance Grants for Individual Involvement in Research Development

The Wales Neurological Alliance is managing funds which can be awarded to assist involvement in research for people living with a neurological condition and their carer.

Neurodem Cymru Research Participation Register

To further assist the development research in Wales. Neurodem has developed a Research Participation Register.

This register holds information about people with neurological conditions and carers who are willing to participate in research in Wales.

This will act as a resource for researchers looking for participants to take part in their study.

Neurodem have produced a leaflet to explain how this register operates. The leaflet can be found by clicking here.

Both participants and researchers can contact Neurodem at for information on the register.