The Neurodem Cymru and Wales Neurological Alliance (WNA) Partnership

Neurodem Cymru is one of a number of Registered Research Groups for health and social care in Wales. It aims to encourage and facilitate high quality clinical trials and research studies for patients with memory problems, all stages and types of dementia, or with other conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.

Neurodem Cymru and the National Institute for Social Care and Health Research Clinical Research Centre (NISCHR CRC) are vital parts of the new research and development infrastructure funded by the Welsh Assembly Government.

As a Registered Research Group, from April 1st 2010, Neurodem Cymru’s Aims and Objectives may be summarised as: • ’to increase the quantity and the quality of funded research on the dementias and neurodegenerative conditions involving research teams and researchers from Wales’.

The Wales Neurological Alliance has formed a partnership with Neurodem Cymru to help support its User and Carer Participation (UCP) programme. The core aim of the Wales Neurological Alliance Neurodem relationship is to develop the opportunity for people with neurological conditions living in Wales, and their carers, to be active participants in neurological research.

Please see below for contacts in specific condition organisations:


Motor Neurone Disease Association:
CMTUK: Alex Williamson

Myotonic Dystrophy Support Group –  Margaret Bowler


Cerebra – Tracy Elliott


Parkinson’s UK –  0207 963 9313


Dystonia Society – Paul King Chief Executive.


Cure Parkinsons UK –  Helen Matthews


MS Society –





There are 3 key ways that the Wales Neurological Alliance seek to achieve this aim. This is via:1. The promotion of the need for scientific neuro and emancipatory social action research involving individuals affected by neurological conditions.

2. Pro-active engagement with key partners to support active participation of individuals affected by neurological conditions.

3. The giving of grants is to assist involvement in research for people living with a neurological condition and their carer.


To find out more about current research in Wales or in relation to a condition you live with contact the links below or